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A fresh, fragrant Bergriesling with very clear compact and finely meshed aroma of stone fruit like vinyard peaches. A delicate mineral and herbal flavour on the palate. This Riesling is very bright and the older it gets the better it gets.

The grapes were harvested by hand in the middle of October in bright sunshine.

Soil type: The vines grow on the south-westerly flank of the Vorder Seiber. The soil developed out of lime, silicate and marble and is only found in this part of Weißenkirchen.

Wine production: The grapes are crushed and after being pressed left to ferment in steeltanks. After 3 months the wine is filtered and bottled at the beginning of Febuary.

Fresh aroma and a smooth earthy flavour

Alcohol content: 12.5vol%
Total acidity: 6,8 g
Residual sugar: 3,0 g
Screw top
Vintage: 2022
On sale from: February 2023


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