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An elegant, expressive Smaragd-wine, delicately spicy with a lively and refreshing aroma, very fruity.
Its exotic echoes of fruit charmingly coat the palate. The wine exhibits an even balance between acidity, alcohol and the natural  sweetness  of the fruit – it is an inspiring experience.

The grapes were harvested by hand during the last week of October.

Soil type: The sand made out of Gföhler Gneis is a good foundation for the vines. Over the centuries the earth was constantly washed down by rain, and carried up again by hand. The river-sand increased the mineral content of the earth and this special characteristic of the soil improves the wine and shows itself in the diverse array of aromas.

Wine production: The grapes are crushed and after the pressing allowed to ferment with a fine yeast. After a six month period the wine is filtered and bottled  in April.

elegant, expressive Smaragd-wine with a lively aroma

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