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A Muskateller with a refreshing mineral content, typical zesty aroma and an elegant ending. Delicate, subtle and animating with a hint of roses and elderflowers. A speciality.

The grapes were harvested by hand at the end of October.

Soil type: The sandy clay-like soil is mixed with gravel from the Danube. Over the centuries the Danube has carved a deeper and deeper channel for itself leaving layers of gravel on its shores.

Wine production:  The grapes are crushed and after being pressed left to ferment in steeltanks. After 3 months the wine is filtered and bottled at the beginning of Febuary.

An elegant wine with a delicate hint of roses

Alcohol content: 12,5 vol%
Total acidity:  6,8 g
Residual sugar: 3,0 g
Screw top
Vintage: 2022
On sale from: Febuary 2023


The aromatic wines