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During the winter months when nature is resting, each vine is cut individually by hand, and left with just two shoots. These shoots are tied by hand to the wire frame. Now the plants are ready to grow. The fast growing period begins at the end of April and ends with the harvest in autumn.
The vines need to grow high and have many leaves in order for the grapes to produce the maximum amount of natural sugar. At the same time the soil has to be taken care of. The humous is enriched by sowing special seeds such as legumes. With this method less artificial fertilizer is necessary. In order that the density of the plants remains healthy, they are sprayed with a minimum amount of copper. Due to this intensive care, our wines are pure, which means the alcohol content comes only from the natural sugar found in the grapes. For a perfect harvest it is necessary to hand-pick the grapes in several stages and at the highest point of physiological maturity.
The harvest lasts from 4 to 6 weeks and is always completed by the end of November.