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This Smaragd is from our oldest vineyard. 59 years characterize this Riesling. A clear, transparent wine with complex mineral aromas. Good vibrations and very animating to drink. Delicate stone-fruit flavours such as apricots and vineyard peaches.

The harvest took place selectively by hand, at the end of October 2015.

Soil type: The soil developed out of lime, silicate and marble, and is only found in this part of Weißenkirchen. The grapes grow on the south-west flank of the Vorder Seiber.

Wine production: After whole cluster pressing, the grapes are left to ferment in steel tanks for six months. This wine is filtered and bottled in 27th of April.

An animating dance of delicate stone-fruit aromas

Alcohol content: 13,5 vol%
Total acidity: 6,6 g
Residual sugar: 6,8 g
Real cork
Vintage: 2016
On sale from: May 2017


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