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This complex Riesling has a manifold play of aromas – pure finesse. A typical wine from the Achleiten vineyard: highly mature, condensed and elegant with a fine fruit glaze. It is playful and charming.

The grapes were harvested by hand at the beginning of November.

Soil type: The sand made out of Gföhler Gneis is a good foundation for the vines. Over the centuries the earth was constantly washed down by rain, and carried up again by hand. The river-sand increased the mineral content of the earth and this special characteristic of the soil improves the wine and shows itself in the diverse array of aromas.

Wine production: The grapes are crushed and left to ferment in steeltanks. The wine is filtered after six months and bottled in April.

Elegant with a fine fruity bloom

Alcohol content: 13,5 vol%
Total acidity: 5,7 g
Residual sugar: 5,7 g
Real cork
Vintage: 2016
On sale from: May 2017


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